07 December 2014

Teach Your Children The Commands of God

"And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today. Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up." 
- Deuteronomy 6:6-7 

In the scripture above, the Lord was speaking to the Israelites as they were preparing to enter the Promised Land. The nations surrounding the Israelites were wicked and perverse. God wanted his people to wholeheartedly follow His commands. He admonished the adults to repetitively instill the commandments into the children day and night. I believe He wanted to establish in their hearts what was right and what was wrong so they would not participate in the wickedness that surrounded them. If they obeyed the Lord, they would enjoy a long life. We the people of God should take note and incorporate this practice into our daily lives as well. 

As a parent, grandparent or guardian, you have the awesome responsibility of introducing your children to God and teaching them Gods ways; from the bible. We are living in a world where greed, rebellion, hatred, perverse living and so much more are quickly becoming the norm and have influenced the lives of many people we know and love. As our country continues to remove anything that has to do with God from it, we are experiencing the presence of wickedness like never before and it's greatly affecting our children.

My Kiddos

My children are eight and ten years of age. When they were in my womb, and when they were born, prophetic words about their purpose were spoken to my husband and I. I'm sure many of you can identify and have experienced the same thing or something similar regarding your own children. Satan's job is to quickly rob you and your children of purpose and trust me, he WONT BE NICE while trying. The enemy wants to stop every believers' (Christians) purpose in the earth so he (satan) can have his wicked way in the world without interruption. When we move in our purpose, we disrupt the plans of the enemy. Our children have purpose NOW in their own generation to show other children (who may be lost, hurting, etc.) that there is a real God they can call on even in their young age. 

The World We Live In

Children are innocent and their minds are pure. They don’t know ANYTHING about life until you teach them. If you want your child to be a loving God-fearing person who lives righteously – teach them Gods word. It will help them understand right from wrong and prepare them for the realities of this crummy world that they live in. Over the summer, while in camp my children were exposed to inappropriate discussions and acts from other children. Such is life, right? I've been teaching my children the word of God since they were very young and now they're seeing and hearing what the world is talking about. I'm actually glad they had that experience because that is the world we live in. So, as a family we sat down and openly discussed different topics and went to the bible to explain what God says about those different topics. We discussed what's appropriate and what's not. No question is off limits in my home. My kids are far from perfect but my husband and I try our best to teach them the ways of God. Remember, if you don’t teach your kids God’s commands the people of the world will waste no time teaching them theirs.

Be Their Example
As guardians we have to live what we preach and teach our children. Do as I say not as I do, doesn't work! We are the example they are looking at. If you are consistently inconsistent they will doubt what you're teaching them. No parent is perfect but when you mess up, try not to make the same mistake over and over again. Children are easily influenced by the things they see and hear. My husband and I monitor and limit what our kids watch on TV. We monitor and limit the kinds of video games they play. We monitor the sites they visit on the computer, and they are not allowed to watch YouTube videos unless they ask so we can screen it first. YouTube is filled with wonderful videos as well as disturbing videos. One disturbing video leads to another and before you know it, you're child has just been introduced to something that could become very damaging to their life. 

I'm not saying to keep your child in a bubble so that they never experience the real world. As a guardian your job is to protect your children from the snares of the enemy. My kids are far from perfect, they're children and from time to time they say and do things that disappoint me. Because they have purpose they've been spiritually attacked which caused me to pray and fast on their behalf. But my husband who is rarely moved by circumstances reminds me we are to teach, pray and correct and God will do the rest. The bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when they're old they won't depart from it.” This doesn’t mean having your child in “church” 24:7 is going to teach them God’s ways. YOU have to teach them from the word of God and be their example.

Feed Them God's Word 

Teach them the Ten Commandments. Read the bible to them and explain the stories you read. The bible says, "The word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires" (Hebrews 4:12). The word of God is alive! When you read it, speak it and believe it, it changes your life and the way you think. It will do the same for your children. When those seeds of truth are constantly being planted in your child's heart and mind, they will be begin to take root and grow and cause your child to make right choices according to the word of God. 

Often tell your children you love them, hug them, kiss them, and give them your undivided attention. Brag on them, encourage them when they're down, speak life into them and spend quality time with them. It makes such a difference in their little lives. Create a healthy balance of spirituality, education, after school activities and family fun time in their life. As guardians we want to develop well rounded leaders and warriors who can walk amongst the wickedness in the world and not be affected by it. Our children must walk in the purpose for which they were created.

Tools and Resources

Here are some of the resources and teaching tools I’ve found helpful on this journey to teaching my children God’s ways (click on picture):

The Preschooler's Bible age 3-5: Perfect for introducing children to the biblical characters.

Children's Picture Bible age 5-9: I absolutely love this bible. I highly recommend it.

NIV Adventure Bible age 9-12: This bible is just OK. The print is to small and does not have the red letter print.

Keys for Kids online devotions and more, all ages: My kids and I read and listen to devotion every morning as I drive them to school. Keys for kids also has a children's game site with fun activities and bible trivia. It's really cute. www.Itoadu.com  



30 October 2014

The Highway of Holiness

"A highway will be there, a roadway, And it will be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean will not travel on it, But it will be for him who walks that way, And fools will not wander on it."
- Isaiah 35:8

In Leviticus 11:44, God said "You must be holy because I am holy" (1 Peter 1:16). I believe Christians have lost their influence in the world because they represent Jesus very poorly. Most Christians don't walk in the power and authority that Christ gave because holiness is no longer being taught as "the way" to live. Instead, Christians abuse the freedom they have in Christ making it difficult to distinguish the believer from the non-believer. If you walk, talk, and act like the world - you're not going to win anybody to Christ. Christians are supposed to be salt and light in this dark world. We should be setting a standard of living in the earth that makes non-believers envious to the point of desiring the joy and hope we have in Christ. 

In my opinion, the churches today are partially responsible for the people of God lacking holiness. My husband says most churches look and act like a circus. It's all entertainment. The churches are trying to appeal to the non-believer by incorporating "things" that will attract them. I don't have a problem with getting a little creative. It becomes a problem when churches compromise on the ways of God and the message of the bible gets watered down so that people are not offended or turned off. People are leaving church services pumped up from the entertainment, but they're lacking a Holy Spirit conviction and a challenge to change or Come Up Higher in the things of God. In other words, they leave the same way they came - broken, powerless or stagnant in their walk with God.

As a Christian YOU are responsible for "Walking out your salvation with fear and trembling" (Philippians 2:12). Basically, you should know what pleases God and what He requires of you. What places are you frequenting that promote a godless atmosphere? What inappropriate television programs are you watching that consume your time? What kind of relationships are you nurturing that are unhealthy and displeasing to God? Stop tolerating and accepting the sins the world promotes. Stop being a part of it. Stop saying, "A little bit of this is ok" or "As long as I don't do too much of that it'll be fine because I have freedom in Christ." Yes, the bible says "All things are permissible. It also adds, "But not everything is beneficial." (1 Corinthians 10:23). 

Very few men and women of God today, operate in the power of the Almighty God. Don't you want to see answered prayer, people delivered from demonic oppression, people healed from terminal illnesses, nations turning their hearts back to God? These difficult requests require God's involvement. The key to seeing a phenomenal mighty move of God is holiness. Holiness is striving to have clean hands and a pure heart. Holiness is walking in obedience to God's commands. Holiness is how you live your life for God in the public eye and behind closed doors. It's not easy walking the narrow highway of holiness, but it can be rewarding. 

It starts with a decision to do it! Then it takes discipline. You will fall off of that narrow road, but you must quickly get up and keep pressing forward. We are living in dark times. Our country is falling apart and our families are experiencing spiritual attacks. As the people of God we have to get back to holiness, which is a standard of living that pleases God. When we do, He will heal our land and He will move on your behalf in ways you cannot imagine. Read the bible and know the word of God for yourself. Start walking on The Highway of Holiness.


25 September 2014

My Personal Revelation

"Come Up Higher Dream"

April 6, 2014

"I'm standing in my bedroom. I have the remote control in my hand and I'm looking at the television (I don't remember what was on). I feel a sexual urge rise up inside of me. This was not a clean urge you’d feel toward your spouse, this felt dirty and perverse. I'm lifted up and the feeling is accentuated. I'm floating over my bed positioned in front of the television and I realize “this is not right.” I think to myself, I want to be lowered back down. When I try bring myself down, I can't.  I'm suspended in the air and can't get down. I attempt to yell out for Jesus, but my lips are shut tight - I can't open my mouth. Internally I'm shouting out the name Jesus. Then my nose begins to close up, I'm beginning to suffocate (I'm really experiencing this in my sleep). I continue to call on Jesus internally and command whatever is doing this to me “to get out in Jesus name" and it did! Then I woke up."

Dream Symbols:

My actual bedroom: A place of intimacy/privacy.
Remote control: Having control over an aspect of my life.
Television: Tell - a - vision (the dream is telling me something about my life).
Floating: To rise above what the Lord is revealing to me (come up higher).
Closed mouth/nose, not being able to move: Spiritual attack, not sleep paralysis.


The Lord was revealing to me that there is an issue regarding what I watch in the privacy of my bedroom that is causing me to experience these perverse sexual urges that were not of God. The Lord wanted me to become aware of this and rise above it – get control of it, come up higher. The enemy wanted to maintain control in this particular area and did not want me to become aware of the issue. Once I realized this was not right, the enemy attacked me. I believe the enemy wanted to shut my mouth because I was going to share my experience (like I always do) and admonish others to assess what they’re viewing and inviting into their homes via the television.

God clearly showed me that certain programs watched on television; will open a door that allows the enemy to come in and negatively affect a person or their family. You may ask, "How does a person open the door for demonic activity to take place in their lives?” In this scenario, when a person willingly and happily and consistently watches a program with content that go directly against God’s moral laws (ten commandments) you've opened a door that gives demonic forces access to your life in that particular area.

Let's say you’ve been frustrated in an area that you can't seem to get victory in. You've been asking God to reconcile your marriage because it’s been defiled by adultery. You've been praying and boldly declaring that the enemy has no authority and that no weapon formed against your marriage will prosper! After you finish calling heaven down, and destroying the enemy with scripture; you jump on the couch or in the bed, grab the remote control and proceed to enjoy a program that promotes adultery. Isn’t that contradicting? Why would God answer your prayer? If God has a problem with adultery you should too, especially if you’re a believer. Close that door! Oh Ty, you’re killing me right now! It’s only a show; it’s just entertainment, relax! No. That’s how the enemy gets us, we let our guard down; we don’t take the word of God seriously enough. Next thing you know, the enemy has slipped in and you didn't see it coming.

Once the Lord opened my eyes, I realized how much my flesh enjoyed watching certain programs, but my spirit didn’t agree. There was always this internal conflict. I also saw how the open door was contributing to some of the issues that were going on in my home. I don’t have step-by-step instructions on how to wean your self off of inappropriate programs. I automatically stopped watching three particular shows. I’m far from perfect and I haven’t arrived in this area. I'm still in the process of weeding out shows/movies that my spirit doesn’t agree with. To me, obedience to God equals safety lol!! Obedience is more important to me, than trying to keep up with everyone that’s watching a “popular” program, especially when God warned me of it. Hey, I know this post is not for everyone, but it is for some. Don't be afraid to go against the grain. You won't be missing anything. Come up higher!

How about you? Are you viewing programs that glorify sexual immorality, extreme violence and the like? "Don't give the devil a foothold in your life" (Ephesians 4:27). "Be alert! Satan prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8). Don't let it be you. 

Let’s take a peek at the heart of King David through this Psalm:

"I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar.
I hate all who deal crookedly; I will have nothing to do with them.
I will reject perverse ideas and stay away from every evil.
I will not tolerate people who slander their neighbors.
I will not endure conceit and pride.
I will search for faithful people to be my companions."
(Psalm 101: 3-6)


28 August 2014

Why Tytenisha Went Natural *UPDATE*


It's been almost two years since I posted "Why I Went Natural." I'm back to update you on my natural hair journey, share some pics, talk about my regimen and share my natural hair goal for 2015.

Me: My name is Tytenisha and I live in Massachusetts.

How long I've been natural: My last relaxer was November 2010. I big chopped November 2011. I will be 3 years natural November 2014.

My updated regimenMy regimen is very simple. I deep condition my hair every two weeks with Aubrey Organics Protein Conditioner. I shampoo with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I apply Giovanni's Direct leave-in Conditioner to damp hair and I seal in the moisture by using my own Shea butter mix. I oil my scalp with Castor Oil. I trim/dust my ends when I notice a lot of shedding or when my ends look really raggedy. I normally wear my hair in a protective style such as twists for extended periods of time. I notice a lot of growth when I'm not constantly manipulating my hair. That's it!! Pics of my hair products and twists below: 



Favorite Hairstyle: Still the Twist Out!! My quick go to style would be the bun with a flower. 



Hair Goal 2015: Right now my hair is mid back length. My hair goal for 2015 is waist length. I just want to see if I can achieve it. This has been a fun journey for me. I never get tired of talking about natural hair or sharing my process. I never get tired of checking out the gorgeous hairstyles on YouTube either :-) 


My Suggestions for Retaining Length: I feel deep conditioning, keeping the hair moisturized, protective styling (twists, braids, buns, weave etc.) and trims when needed is important for healthy hair and retaining length. The less styling of the hair everyday really helps the hair grow.

Find Me on Instagram: Instagram.com/tytenisha


29 May 2014

Seasons of Life - Enter Into God's Rest

Rest In God

For some of you it's time to enter Gods rest and let your season run it's course. The previous posts required action because faith without works is dead. Once you've done all that has been required of you, it's time to rest. We get so accustomed to "doing" we unknowingly enter into religious works of the flesh. In other words, we interfere with what God's trying to accomplish in and through us by constantly doing "spiritual acts" we hope will please God and quickly bring closure to our season. This shows a lack of faith because we're fearful of what the outcome will be.

I know this because I've done it. God used to let me get over with moving in works of the flesh because maturing in Christ is a process. Not this season. Gods like, "You're gonna learn today!' The more I kept moving in works, the more frustrated I became because it seemed like nothing was changing. This was new for me. I was used to doing certain things and watching God move.. Nope.. God would not budge until I entered his rest. We have to remember it's "not by our might, not by our power, but by the Spirit of The Lord God Almighty." (Zechariah 4:6)

Even though I still felt like I was in a raging storm, God kept telling me to rest! rejoice! Believe! Don't worry! (Don't worry are His favorite words to me). He said the victory has been won! I'm like really Lord? This doesn't look, sound or feel good. Well, it doesn't matter what it looks like or feels like. It doesn't matter if what's being said seems to contradict the promise of God, sit down and rest! God is in control.

Webster's Dictionary 1828 definition of rest: A body is at rest when it ceases to move; the mind is at rest when it ceases to be disturbed or agitated. Powerful!!

The Bible's definition of entering Gods rest: For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his." (Hebrews 4:10) God created the world in 6 days then he rested on the 7th. He knew that everything he spoke into existence would manifest.

Same with you! You've repented, prayed, fasted, decreed, gave extra offerings lol! You've done all you know to do now it's time to rest.

It's going to be hard to not do anything. It was a struggle for me. If things didn't seem to change at the pace I thought it should, I would panic, go into fear mode and revert to my old religious works.Thank God for spiritual mentors and a wonderful husband who encouraged me through the process and admonished me to stop!! and rest. 

God is so good. He was with me every step of the way as He will be with you. God is so cool and creative. He would step in from time to time and remind me of his favorite words to me. I remember sitting on a crowded train one morning heading to work. I allowed my mind to have its way and I began to stress and worry about what I was dealing with. It got to the point where I was about to snap, crackle, pop and have a melt down. I dragged myself off of the train to connect to another train. As I stepped onto the platform, a subway musician was singing these lyrics:
Don't worry
about a thing
cause every little thing
is gonna be alright
This is my message to you!

I'm like ok God I hear you. Thank you for that message. Maybe the lyrics are encouraging you right now. Nothing is to big for our God to handle. In fact, in God's eyes the things we worry and stress over are just "little things." So don't worry, just rest.


STOP WORRYING: Worry robs you of your peace and joy. Begin disciplining your mind by trying your best to see things the way God sees them. The bible says, "Finally, brothers and sisters. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise" (Philippians 4:8)

STOP DOING WORKS: Stop trying to make something happen or change. God is in control. When you start to feel afraid, say I trust you God and speak his promises. Stay away from negative people and negative speech. Encourage yourself with God's word, and soak in his presence through praise and worship music. You may feel like you want to crumble and you probably will, get back up and do it again. Remember, learning to surrender and rest in God is a process.

HAVE FAITH IN GOD: Without faith it is impossible to please God and we want to please God right? Trust that God has your life in the palm of His hands and He wants nothing but the best for you. Believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, for those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). If God allowed you to go through a season there is a purpose in it. Believe that God will see you through it. 

As you and I let our season run its course, Let's give Jesus the wheel so we can rest and emerge full of faith and Godly character ready to fulfill the purpose for which we were created.